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Professional, Fast interior painting giving your home a brand new look

Springwater Painting Co. specializes in interior painting services in the Barrie, Collingwood, and Muskoka regions. Painting the interior of your home is one of the best ways to transform and revitalize your space. A fresh coat of paint will modernize the look of your interior while raising the value of your home. Our team ensures the highest level of quality while making your painting project experience enjoyable from start to finish.

Our Interior Painting Services include:


Wall Painting

Walls are expertly prepared before applying a high-quality Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint product in a shade and finish of your choosing. Our team specializes in preparing and painting all interior wall surfaces.

Ceiling Painting

We prepare your ceiling surfaces until smooth before applying specialized ceiling paint that leaves a beautiful flat finish. This draws focus to the wall and trim painting that should be the highlight of your space.

Trim Preparation

Before your trim is painted, we meticulously apply caulking to any cracks in the seams as well as patch and sand any nail holes or imperfections that may show in the finish paint.

Trim & Door Painting

Professionally painted trim and doors will highlight your newly finished space. We apply high-quality Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint to trim and doors in a pearl or semi-gloss finish to tie your painting project together.

Surface Preparation

We believe that 80% of a high-quality paint job is proper preparation. Our team takes the necessary time to complete a onceover of your home. We will then patch and sand any deficiencies on walls or ceilings, apply caulking to joints and seams, as well as clean surfaces as required to ensure proper adhesion of finish paint.

Our Process

Initial Review

A Springwater Painting Co. Project Manager will complete a walk-through of the project with our painting team to review the scope of work and any specific details that need to be addressed.


Once the detailed scope of the project is confirmed with the painting team, we continue to the preparation stage of the project. This includes laying down drop sheets or floor paper to protect your floors, draping plastic over all furniture and fixtures, cleaning surfaces as necessary, and completing all required surface preparation.

High Quality, Efficient Painting Services

Upon completion of the preparation stage of your project, our team continues to the finishing stage. This involves the application of finish paint products to all surfaces included in the scope of work. We have systemized the finishing process to maximize efficiency while maintaining the highest quality of paint finishes.

Final Inspection

A Springwater Painting Co. Project Manager will complete a final walk-through to ensure our quality standards are met and to answer any additional questions you may have.

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The SPC Customer Experience

Our commitment is to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

dedicated office staff &

outstanding level of


From your quote appointment, all the way to project completion & follow-up, you can rest assured that when you call or e-mail - we're here to answer & more than happy to help!




Our knowledgeable project managers will work with you to answer questions, schedule your project with one of our committed team leads & do a personal walk-through upon project completion.




We treat each project we work on with utmost care & attention, holding ourselves to the highest of standards in both the quality of work we produce & the level of customer experience we offer.

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