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Custom Home Painting Services

Professional, Fast interior painting giving your home a brand new look
Springwater Painting Co. works with many custom home builders in Barrie, Orillia, Collingwood, Innisfil, and surrounding areas. Our team specializes in high quality painting specific to finishing custom home builds. From spray finishing to stair staining, we work with our builders to ensure each project is finished to the highest of quality standards while keeping your project on schedule.
Professional, Fast interior painting giving your home a brand new look

Our custom home painting services:

  • Drywall priming
  • Ceiling painting
  • Wall painting
  • Trim preparation
  • Trim painting
  • Spray priming
  • Spray painting
  • Stair staining
Professional, Fast interior painting giving your home a brand new look

Our Process

Initial Team Walk-Through

A Springwater Painting Co. Project Manager will complete a walk-through with our painting team when the project is ready for priming. We will review the specific scope of work for the project and address any additional details as required.

Drywall Priming/Ceiling Painting

At this stage in the project, before flooring is installed, our team will prime all drywall surfaces and finish ceilings in high-quality ceiling paint.

Surface Protection

Once flooring, trim & doors are installed, our team will return to complete the second phase of the project. Floor and surface protection will be applied before we begin surface preparation.

Trim Preparation

Our painting team will meticulously apply caulking to all trim joints and seams, as well as fill & sand all nail holes.

Trim, Door & Wall Painting

Once all necessary preparation is completed, our painting team applies high-quality paint finishes to all trim, doors and walls. Our focus on quality and efficiency will limit the number of touch-ups required while keeping the project on schedule.

Final Touch-ups and Inspection

Upon completion of all other trades, our painting team will return to complete a final round of touch-ups and a final inspection.

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What sets us apart

There are three principles that Springwater Painting Co. strives to uphold: honest business, professional service and quality work.

We always stand by these principles, from our first contact, to when the team arrives at the job.

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